Celestial delight: Millions witness best solar eclipse in years

Last Updated: Mar 20, 2015, 20:59 PM IST
Celestial delight: Millions witness best solar eclipse in years

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New Delhi: Millions of skygazers in UK and Europe on Friday witnessed the best solar eclipse since 1999. The partial eclipse, which started in the south of the UK, gave enthusiasts a chance to witness a rare celestial phenomenon.

But, clouds disappointed some viewers of a rare solar eclipse that was also partly visible in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Europeans got their first glimpse through cloudy skies in Spain`s Canary Islands in the early morning. Later, enthusiasts in Newquay, Cornwall got a clear view of first contact of the eclipse. 

Even people in Swedish capital, Stockholm witnessed the rescent-shaped sun shone through overcast skies. Eclipse enthusiasts were less lucky in Denmark`s far-flung Faroe Islands. 

It’s a rare celestial occurrence when the moon will cover the sun, blocking out its light. It is also being seen as the biggest solar eclipse for 15 years, since the UK was plunged into darkness in 1999 and until 2026.

However, the rare celestial event was not be visible in India and US much to the disappointment of stargazers.

Total solar eclipses take place when the Earth, Moon and Sun are almost precisely aligned and the shadow of the Moon touches the surface of the Earth.

How to observe the eclipse?

According to experts, one should use special protective lenses, camera, telescope filters and other methods in order to safely watch the eclipse. Another simple way to view a solar eclipse is to use pinhole projection. One can also use an approved solar filter.

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