Is climate change making you more allergic?

Is climate change making you more allergic?

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: El Nino, extended seasons and warm winters- are some direct indications of climate change. We all know how it's damaging our planet earth and its negative effects on earth-based lives.

Recently, scientists have discovered how climate change ups the problem of sneezing and congestion. The study reveals that changes in climate impose an additional strain on people with pollen-allergy.

If health experts are to be believed, the roots of pollen-allergy can be traced back to industrial revolution. The sudden rise in these allergens are still unclear but many thinks that they were the products of either pollution, new diets or changes in hygiene.

The three main factors that relates climate change with pollen allergy are:

Carbon dioxide: CO2 gas traps maximum amount of heat and is the primary cause of warmer earth's temperature. Rise in CO2 increases the growth rate in plants and hence increase the pollen potency.

Rising temperatures: Extends the growing season as well as the duration of allergy season.

Extended spring seasons: It permutes the amount of blooms and fungal spores that are known to worsen allergy symptoms.