Japan offers cyber security, introduces sensor for pet animals

Japan's leading IT and network technologies company, NEC Corporation, has launched a cyber security factory in Singapore as the latest addition to its global portfolio of security operation centers.

Singapore/Tokyo: Japan's leading IT and network technologies company, NEC Corporation, has launched a cyber security factory in Singapore as the latest addition to its global portfolio of security operation centers.

The opening ceremony was recently held in Singapore.

"Today's inauguration ceremony is a quite big step for NEC in order to keep the cyber field in the APAC area, by using today's new opening Cyber Security Factory," said Nobuhiro Endo, the president of NEC Corporation.

The NEC is already working with the Singapore Government to strengthen the country's preparedness in combating the latest cyber threats.

In particular, NEC and the Singapore Economic Development Board have launched the Strategic Attachment and Training Program to promote the next generation of IT cyber security experts.

"A leading global technology ICT company such as NEC has anchored its advanced capabilities and help the development of professionals and innovations in Singapore. Facilities such as the Cyber Security Factory will go a long way in helping businesses better manage and mitigate cyber security challenges," said David Koh, chief executive, Cyber Security Agency of Singapore.

In 2014, NEC established its first cyber security factory in Japan as a specialised unit dedicated to countering cyber threats and attacks, including surveillance of networks and websites, investigating malware sources and information leakage.

The newly opened cyber security factory in Singapore will collaborate with NEC's Security Operations Centers located in strategic parts of the world, with an aim to provide an inter-connected network to share intelligence on cyber threats and deliver all time security to the users.

"The cyber security factory targets two key segments of our customers - Japanese companies in this region, and SME, Small and Medium Enterprises operating in this region as well. The key value that the Cyber Security Factory brings to the customer is that we can bring affordable quality cyber security defense solutions to a lot of our customers. They can - including in this region that will include the places far from India or even Thailand and Philippines - subscribe and try our innovative solutions," said Douglas Tang, Head of Cyber Security, NEC Corporation.

In another technological development, a device will now help to read the mind of your pet.Japan's Anicall Corporation has introduced gyro-censor, which can be fixed in a collar of cat or dog.

Gyro-censor monitors activity and posture of the animal.

Sensing data then sent from device to smart phone. It shows the emotions of the pet whether the cat or dog is exciting, relaxed or in a mood to play.

Red sign shows exciting. Green shows relaxed. Blue shows want to play together. It is updated reflecting their mind simultaneously.

"In the situation of sleeping if the pet show their belly it means they are relieved or obedience. On the contrary if they sleep crawling it shows tiredness or precaution. Attached censor grasp minute difference of the animal and shows their mind," said Masayoshi Asai of Anicall Corporation.

For the owner of the pets their health is big concern. Wearable device analyses their feeding situation to grasp the change of their body condition. It is very relieved for their owner.

"When they eat food this system analyze their chewing, eagerness and width of neck waving. It is indicated by figure and score," Asai added.

The company's policy is 'Internet of Animal'. Through the internet, the company tries to establish new relationship between the animal and human being.

"Considering happiness of animal I would like to realise symbiosis of human being and animal," Asai added.

With the help of this technology, the pets can get better care.

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