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Latest `GPS bullet` lets police track suspect`s vehicle from distance!

Last Updated: Wednesday, October 30, 2013 - 22:54

Des Moines: A GPS tracking technology has been reportedly developed that lets law enforcement officials to track suspect vehicles from afar.

The GPS tracker allows monitoring the whereabouts of a suspect without engaging in what are often high-speed chases that can put officers, the suspects and the general public in danger.

According to, the tracker is controlled with a panel equipped in the police cars and shoots a projectile that attaches with the suspect`s vehicle.

State Patrol spokesman, Sgt. Scott Bright said that this is a new technology that is going to protect a lot of people adding that thought the device costs about 5,000 dollars and the projectiles are 500 dollars apiece, it would be a small price to pay if it means saving lives.

However, Sgt. Jason Halifax has questioned whether the GPS launcher would be effective as it raises legal questions because if the police lose sight of the suspect vehicle and find it later, how are they to prove who was driving it during the chase, the report added.

First Published: Wednesday, October 30, 2013 - 22:54
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