Now, fashion-conscious smartwatch made especially for women!

US software giant Microsoft has developed a new cost-effective sign language translator that converts signs into spoken and written language - and vice versa.

Washington: Two women from Atlanta have reportedly addressed the ugly looking geeky smartwatch issue with a fashion-conscious alternative called MEMI.

The bracelet-like smart device is marketed as `made by women for women`, sans screen device, only alerts the user to important phone calls by silently vibrating on the wrist.

According to Mashable, the device uses an associated iOS app, and users can designate the device to only send an alert when specific people, send a call to the Bluetooth-connected smartphone.

The MEMI features a hidden USB charging dock and an embedded LED that users can press to confirm the device is working.
Priced at 150 dollars, the developers expect to ship the device to early adopters by August 2014, the report added.