Now, telescopic contact lenses that allow users to zoom in and out

Last Updated: Wednesday, July 3, 2013 - 11:15

London: A new type of contact lenses has been developed, which, when paired with special spectacles, bestow telescopic vision on the wearer.

The contact-lens-and-spectacles combination magnifies scene details by 2.8 times, the BBC reported.

Polarising filters in the spectacles allow wearers to switch between normal and telescopic vision.

The telescopic sight system has been developed to help people suffering age-related blindness.

The contact lens has a central region that lets light through for normal vision.

The telescopic element sits in a ring around this central region.

Tiny aluminium mirrors scored with a specific pattern act as a magnifier as they bounce the light around four times within the ring before directing it towards the retina.

In ordinary use, the magnified image is not seen as it is blocked by polarising filters set in a companion pair of spectacles.

Wearers can switch it on by changing the filters on the spectacles so the only light falling on their retina comes from the magnified stream.

For their filtering system, the researchers, led by Joseph Ford at UC San Diego and Eric Tremblay at Switzerland`s EPFL, adapted a pair of glasses that Samsung produces for some of its 3D TV sets.

In normal use, these spectacles create a 3D effect by alternately blocking the right or left lens.

The prototype contact lens produced by the team is 8mm in diameter, 1mm thick at its centre and 1.17mm thick in its magnifying ring.


First Published: Wednesday, July 3, 2013 - 11:13
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