Now, you can have a robotic device `mother` you

A French company is set to launch a new robotic device that can take care you.

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Las Vegas: A French company is set to launch a new robotic device that can take care of you.

The device, called `Mother`, resembles a Russian nesting doll and is fitted with multiple sensors and can detect any kind of factors including movement, temperature, and frequency.
Created by, it can detect unexpected activity at the front door, keep track of watering of plants, and even ensure family members take their medicine or brush their teeth.

The device will be exhibited at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

“It’s a very simple system that allows you to transform any object in everyday life into a connected device,” said company founder Rafi Haladjian.

It uses specially designed “motion cookies,” which the company calls “magical sensors” that detect movement, temperature, patterns and more.
The tiny cookies are attached to the devices the user wants to monitor.

Some 16 centimetres (six inches) tall, Mother can be plugged into a home network and monitor up to 24 objects.

“This is not science fiction, it’s not gesture-based control,” said Haladjian.” It’s normal everyday things like brushing your teeth or taking medicine. We have a cookie (sensor) inside which makes these more useful without learning new gestures or installing new applications.” expects to ship Mother later this year, at a price of $222 with four cookies, and $99 for a set of four additional sensors.

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