Revealed! Men's brains hardwired to prefer sex over food

Neurons in male brains are programmed to prioritise sex over the desire to eat food, a study has found.

Revealed! Men's brains hardwired to prefer sex over food

London: Sex or Food? They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but a new study suggests that when it comes to sex, food is the last thing on his mind.

Researchers have found that the male brain is hardwired to seek out sex, even at the expense of a good meal, with specific neurons firing up to over-ride the desire to eat.

The newly discovered neurons have been perfectly dubbed ‘Mystery Cells of the Male’.

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Intriguingly, women do not have the same neurons, suggesting that sex for females comes secondary to sustenance.

That’s what scientists at University College London discovered in the brains of nematode worms – and they say they expect the same thing in humans.

''Although we have not looked in humans, it is plausible that the male human brain has types of neurons that the female brain doesn’t, and vice versa. This may change how the two sexes perceive the world and their behavioural priorities'', said the researchers.

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