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Scientists say reindeer really do have red noses

Last Updated: Tuesday, December 24, 2013 - 17:23

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: Rudolph, a fictional reindeer created by Robert L May, has a glowing red nose for which he is treated unkindly by the other reindeer. But a new study has suggested that Rudolph might not be unique as reindeer do have glowing red noses.

Scientists from Lund University found that reindeer`s noses looked redder in freezing temperatures, and on viewing under infrared light, it was found that their nose were not covered by fur like the rest of their body.
The scientists added that the reddening was a sign that blood was being transferred from the rest of the body in order to keep them warm.

“They pump warm blood into the mule which means it can be a bit reddish because of this strong blood flow,” Professor Ronald Kroger Kruger, a Zoologist from Lund University said, “The thermographic cameras show the heat coming from their body. The eyes and the mule are lighter and warmer than the rest of the body.”

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First Published: Tuesday, December 24, 2013 - 17:22
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