Tech skills your ticket to overseas: LinkedIn

If you want to see the world, hone your tech skills to the fullest.

New York: If you want to see the world, hone your tech skills to the fullest.

According to a study by the professional networking site LinkedIn, skills in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) make up nearly half of the 10 abilities most commonly found among professionals who moved to other parts of the world to pursue career opportunities.
Specifically, life sciences, mechanical and aerospace engineering, Java development and software engineering all ranked in the top 10.

"If you are looking for a career that will allow you to see various cities around the world, you might want to focus your studies in a STEM discipline," said Lindsay Ahearne, insights manager at LinkedIn, wrote on a blog post.
Those job roles that were most and least likely to lead to an overseas move included business development, marketing, research, media and communication, and product management.

The job functions that were least likely to entice an employee overseas were ownership and entrepreneurship, administrative positions, security and protective services, health care services, and accounting.

The study found that as a percentage of the country`s total workforce, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) saw the most talent from around the world coming into the nation.

The study was based on the analysis of 300 million LinkedIn members worldwide and the 20 countries that saw the most migration activity.

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