The Simpsons` `Homer Car` turned into reality

A real-life Homer Simpson car has now finally become a reality.

Updated: Jul 04, 2013, 15:31 PM IST

Wellington: A real-life Homer Simpson car has now finally become a reality.

The story of the real Homer car begins with the 24 Hours of LeMons racing series in the US.

It`s an amateur series for cars costing now more than 500 dollars and raced by teams of friends.

Homer creator Kris Linquist got involved a few years ago when he bought a 1987 BMW 325e for 400 dollars.

For this year`s race they wanted to freshen it up, and so the Homer was born, reported.

Using a model of the Homer they created the real thing using parts salvaged from the local scrap yard, to make sure it stayed under the 500 dollar budget (to make sure teams don`t spend too much the organisers are allowed to buy any car in the race for 500 dollars).

The green paint is actually house paint, colour matched from the toy car, the tail fin and wing is just sheet metal and pop rivets.

The plastic dome that houses Bart and Lisa dolls was donated to the team by a sponsor that uses them as a Christmas window display.

The Homer made its racing debut in last weekend`s 24 Hours of LeMons event in California.

Despite having transmission problems, Linquist and his friends managed to finish the race in fifth place.