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Tomb of Alexander the Great found in Greece?

By Philaso G. Kaping | Last Updated: Thursday, December 19, 2013 - 17:14

Zee Media Bureau\Philaso Kaping

Athens: Speculation is rife about an artificial mound which was discovered near the Greek capital as it could be the final resting place of Alexander the Great.

According to the Greek Culture Ministry, archaeologists have partly excavated a mound that has yielded a `very remarkable` marble-faced wall from the late 4th century BC.

The mound located near ancient Amphipolis, measures an impressive wall measuring 500 metres long and three metres high, which archaeologists believe could contain an important royal grave.

Lead archaeologist Aikaterini Peristeri said the grave could contain `a significant individual or individuals` within.

However, Greece`s Culture Ministry said that it would be “overbold” to link the site to Alexander the Great until the excavation is complete. “The finding of Amphipolis is certainly very important, but before the excavation proceeds, any interpretation and mainly any identification with historical figures is too risky,” the ministry said.

Alexander the Great was a Macedonian king whose empire stretched from the Ionian Sea to the Himalayas.

After his death in Babylon in 323 BC, his sarcophagus was moved about by successive kings until it was laid to rest in Alexandria in Egypt by Ptolemy II Philadelphus, where it remained until late Antiquity after which the location of Alexander’s tomb was lost.

First Published: Saturday, August 24, 2013 - 17:35
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