15 cops suspended for forcing young woman to strip

The cops made a woman suspect perform striptease in exchange for her freedom.

Mexico: Fifteen police officers in Tijuana, a border city in North Western Mexico, were suspended for making a suspect perform a striptease in exchange for her freedom, officials said.

Tijuana Mayor Carlos Bustamante suspended the officers, who are the subject of an investigation, following the release of a video in which the woman strips for the men.

In the video released on Monday, the uniformed officers are seen groping the woman and urging her to "turn, turn", as well as telling the suspect that she had "too many clothes" on.

The incident occurred on April 15 after the woman and a male companion were arrested for drug possession, Bustamante said.

The male suspect was handed over to prosecutors, but the woman was taken to the police station in La Presa Rural, a district on the east side of Tijuana, where officers made the woman perform for them.

Several commanders are among the police officers suspended for their roles in the incident.