30 fighters killed in Afghan outpost attack: NATO

Insurgents in Afghan set off a battle that killed 30 attackers and wounded five coalition soldiers.

Kabul: Insurgents armed with rifles,
rocket-propelled grenades and mortars, tried to storm a combat
outpost in eastern Afghanistan today, setting off a battle
that killed 30 attackers and wounded five coalition soldiers,
NATO said.

Assailants struck from all sides in the nighttime
attack, on the outpost in Paktika province`s Bermal district,
where nearly all NATO forces are from the US military.

The military called in close air-support and
aircraft dropped three bombs to help repel the insurgents.
According to NATO, the five coalition service members who were
wounded in the attack continued fighting.

"Insurgent s attacked from all directions," NATO said
in a statement. It provided no further details.

The attack took place, in an area about 200 kilometres
south of Kabul, that borders the Pakistani region of North
Waziristan. The area is controlled largely by the Haqqani
network, a Pakistan-based Taliban faction, closely tied to
al Qaeda.

The border region has long been a refuge for
Islamist extremists from around the world and has been the
target of numerous drone strikes against the Taliban, al Qaeda
and the forces of the Haqqani network. Jalaluddin and
Sirajuddin Haqqani, a former anti-Soviet commander and his
son, are now battling American forces in eastern Afghanistan.