Af-Pak border epicentre of terrorism in world: Mullen

Both US and Pakistan need to put pressure on the extremists living in Af-Pak border, Admiral Mike Mullen, said.

Last Updated: Mar 12, 2011, 15:49 PM IST

Washington: The Af-Pak border is the
"epicentre" of terrorism in the world, and both US and
Pakistan need to put pressure on the extremists living in the
area, a top American military official said.

"I call that border area, which is in Afghanistan and
Pakistan, although if you go there and ask those that live
there, there`s no border to them. This is their home, either
side of it. And that area is an area that is, I call, the
epicenter of terrorism in the world," Admiral Mike Mullen,
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said at the Arizona
State University in Phoenix.

"We both need to keep pressure on that," he said.
The suicide bombers and the recent assassinations of
Punjab Governor Salman Taseer and Pakistan`s Minority Affairs
Minister Shahbaz Bhatti are major concerns, he said in
response to a question.

Mullen, who visited Pakistan for more than 20 times in
last two years, said the Pakistani military has suffered tens
of thousands of casualties and lost almost 10,000 soldiers in
recent years in the last few years.

"The Pakistani military has moved a large number of
troops from the east and the border in Kashmir to the west,
where this terrorist threat exists," he added.