`Afghan courts release most Taliban fanatics`

The corrupt legal system in Helmand has convicted fewer than one in 20 murderous insurgents.

Kabul: Afghanistan’s courts have freed over 1,000 Taliban fighters seized by British troops in the past year, it has emerged.

According to the Sun, the corrupt and shambolic legal system in Helmand province has convicted fewer than one in 20 murderous insurgents.

A military source said that Helmand’s justice system is not capable enough to process and convict many cases.

"The Helmand justice system is next to useless - and it’s down to a mixture of corruption, ineptitude and a lack of capacity to process and convict so many cases,” the paper quoted the military source, as saying.

"It is also bad for our morale, as there is little more dispiriting than seeing all our hard work in finding and catching some really evil people go to waste when they are freed just as fast,” the source added.

In the past year, just 82 out of 1,175 suspected insurgents arrested by British soldiers were convicted and sentenced, the paper said.


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