‘Afghan interior minister targeted in bomb attack’

A suicide bomber launched a failed assassination attempt on Afghan Interior Minister Bismullah Khan in Parwan.

Kabul: A suicide bomber launched on Sunday a
failed assassination attempt on Afghan Interior Minister
Bismullah Khan in Parwan, north of Kabul, a spokesman for the
ministry said.

"I can confirm a failed assassination attempt on the
minister, a suicide bomber was involved, no casualties,"
Siddiq Siddiqui said, giving no further details.

Governor of Parwan province Abdul Basir Salangi said the
attack took place at 3:30pm local time on the road between
Sayed Khail and Gulbahar districts.
He said the minister was not there at the time, but did
not give his whereabouts, saying only that: "He was in
Parwan. He is safe."

"The minister`s convoy had parked for prayers, a suicide
attacker hiding under a bridge approached the convoy. The
bodyguards saw him and shot him. He had a suicide vest on, but
the explosives didn`t explode," Salangi added.

Khan is an ethnic Tajik former anti-Soviet commander who
fought the Taliban alongside Afghanistan`s northern hero Ahmad
Shah Masood and was appointed to the interior ministry post in
June last year.

The failed attempt on his life is the latest in a string
of violent incidents to take place in the north of the
country, which over the past decade has been relatively
insulated from the Taliban-led insurgency.

The minister is a member of the Jamiat-e-Islami political
party that was led by the former president Burhanuddin
Rabbani, the chief broker for peace in the Afghan war until he
was killed at his home in Kabul last month.


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