Afghan lawmakers call for end to vote fraud court

Afghan lawmakers want to disband a special court investigating vote fraud.

Kabul: Afghan lawmakers are calling on President Hamid Karzai to disband a special court investigating allegations of fraud in last year`s parliamentary election.

The lawmakers issued their appeal during an open session of parliament Saturday.
Karzai has repeatedly questioned the legitimacy of the legislature since results were certified in November.

The president is believed to be unhappy with the results and to think fraud reduced voter turnout among his fellow ethnic Pashtuns, though he hasn`t said so publicly.
The president backed a disputed tribunal, which renewed investigations into electoral misconduct. But the court`s investigations came after an official anti-fraud panel backed by international advisers completed its own probe and discarded 1.3 million ballots — nearly a quarter of the total — and disqualified 19 winning candidates.

Bureau Report

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