Afghan lawmakers plan showdown with president

200 lawmakers met at a Kabul hotel & reiterated their defiance to Karzai.

Kabul: Afghan lawmakers are planning a political showdown with President Hamid Karzai over his decision to postpone the opening session of parliament for a
month so a controversial tribunal can keep investigating
allegations of election fraud.

More than 200 lawmakers today met at a hotel in Kabul and
reiterated their decision to defy Karzai by seating the
parliament on Sunday as planned, even if the president doesn`t
show up. Afghan law requires him to attend the first session.

To avoid a political crisis, Karzai invited the lawmakers
to discuss the issue over lunch tomorrow at the presidential

The lawmakers say they want Karzai to allow parliament to
start. But they say they won`t back down from plans to hold
their inaugural session on Sunday, with or without him.