`Afghan must learn from India about building ties`

Pakistan has advised Afghanistan to take a leaf out of the Indian book and learn about building ties.

New York: Citing the "enormous maturity"
shown by India in dealing with Indo-Pak issues, Pakistan has
advised Afghanistan to "take a leaf out of the Indian book"
and learn about building ties, instead of engaging in an
"accusatory game" towards it.

Even if a "leaf falls on the grass in Afghanistan,"
President Hamid Karzai points a finger towards Islamabad
saying the "Pakistanis must have done it", Pakistan`s
Ambassador to the UN Abdullah Hussain Haroon said here.

"It does not work that way. I think India would be a good
example for Karzai to follow in which he should realise that
this accusatory game gets no where," he said.

Haroon said a "massive change around" has come today in
India-Pakistan relations as compared to the post-26/11
environment, adding that the two neighbours are beginning to
see "things from each others` perspective" thanks to the
dialogue process.

"I wish President Karzai could take a leaf out of the
Indian book, instead of being accusatory towards Pakistan,"
Haroon said.

The Pakistani envoy said if India and his country are
building ties, Afghanistan should "take a clue" and also be on
the same track and "learn from India which has shown, in my
mind, such enormous maturity".

"Let`s talk to each other.... May be something good comes
of it. That is what is happening between India and Pakistan. I
think it is a proud moment for both countries," he said.

Karzai had last week blamed Pakistani extremists for the
attack on Shiite Muslims in Kabul that killed 58 people.

Demanding justice from the government in Islamabad,
Karzai had said his country would pursue the issue with
Pakistan "very seriously".


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