Afghan Prez asks US Congress to condemn Quran burning

Karzai demanded that the US Congress should condemn Terry Jones’ burning of the Quran.

Kabul: Afghan president Hamid Karzai has called on the US Congress to condemn Christian preacher Terry Jones’ burning of the Quran, which prompted mob killings in Mazar- e- Sharif.

In a meeting with the US ambassador, Karl Eikenberry, and David Petraeus, the US commander of Nato forces in the country, on Sunday, Karzai demanded that the US Congress should condemn Jones.

His demand comes despite a statement from US President Barack Obama denouncing the behaviour of the pastor as "an act of extreme intolerance and bigotry."

A report on the national security council meeting issued by Karzai``s office, highlights concerns of some analysts that Karzai is only catering to demands of anti-western protesters rather than attempting to stop violence that has cost dozens of lives, including seven UN officials killed by a mob in Mazar-e-Sharif on Friday.

Violence continued for a second day in Kandahar, with at least one person killed, while protests against the Quran burning also raged in Jalalabad where students blocked a road to Kabul, The Guardian reports.

Karzai has been bitterly criticised for drawing attention to the Quran burning incident as though it had been ignored by the media, Karzai had issued a press release condemning the "crime against a religion and entire Muslim community, on March 24, four days after the incident took place in Gainsville, Florida.

He said the US and UN should "bring to justice the perpetrators of this crime".

Meanwhile, Jones has claimed the FBI told him a 2.4 million bounty had been put on his head in Pakistan adding that he has been "saddened" by the violence created due to the incident.


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