Afghan Prez denounces Pakistan suicide attack

Karzai stresses need for Afghanistan, Pak to work together against extremism.

Kabul: Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai on Sunday urged Islamabad to "spare no effort in eliminating" those responsible for a suicide attack on a World Food Programme project in Pakistan that killed 43 people.

Karzai also stressed the need for the two countries to work together on boosting efforts against violent extremism in the aftermath of Saturday`s attack in the lawless Bajaur tribal district of northwest Pakistan.

"I strongly condemn this attack and I ask the Pakistani government to spare no efforts in eliminating these terrorists," Karzai said in a statement released by his spokesman`s office.

"The Bajaur agency terrorist attack once again reveals the true face of those who have no other motive but shedding blood and causing terror."

The President also "emphasised strengthening joint efforts (with Pakistan) in the war against terrorism”, the statement added.

Coalition forces in Afghanistan are fighting a nine-year battle against Taliban insurgents, many of whom are thought to use Pakistan`s border regions as a haven despite repeated drone strikes there.

The border regions are also seen as the global headquarters of al Qaeda.

Bureau Report