`Afghan Taliban not interested in talks with US`

US has started moves to strike peace with Taliban after the death of Osama.

Islamabad: The Taliban are not ready for talks with the United States, who has been desperately approaching them for reconciliation, Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir has said, citing Taliban sources.

The US has started desperate moves to strike a peace deal with the Taliban after the death of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, and the US media is claiming secret direct and indirect contacts between Taliban and Washington from a long time.

Very few people in media know that neither the top leaders of the Afghan Taliban nor the Pakistani Taliban are interested in talks right now with Kabul or Islamabad because they think that summer is not a “talking season”, Hamid Mir wrote in The News.

“This hot weather is always a “fighting season” for them. The Afghan Taliban killed many US soldiers in the last few days but the US administration is still running after some people who can facilitate their peace talks with the Taliban,” he added.

All the credible Taliban sources close to Mulla Omar are denying media reports about US-Taliban talks appearing in the Western press, saying that Americans are approaching them from right and left, but their approaches do not mean the Taliban are ready for talks.

“Taliban spokesman Zabeehullah Mujahid told me on phone from Afghanistan: “This is just US disinformation they want to create differences within our ranks, on one side they spread the baseless rumour about the death of Ameerul Momineen (Mulla Omar) last week, and on the other side they say Taliban are meeting US officials, this is not true, if they want negotiations then Obama must make a public statement first and accept that US invasion of Afghanistan was wrong”,” Mir said.

He quoted the Taliban spokesman, as adding: “We know Americans have established a $500 million dollars fund to break our foot soldiers, they organised many dramas of our soldiers surrendering weapons in Kandahar but when this drama was failed they are now begging for talks with our leaders.”

“Can US buy Afghan Taliban for $500 million dollars? Why Taliban are not ready for talks right now? Answer is very simple. They do not trust anyone in Kabul, Islamabad and Washington,” Mir said.

Interestingly, Afghan President Hamid Karzai thinks that if Pakistan exerts some pressure on Afghan Taliban then they will definitely start talking, said Mir, adding that Karzai is completely mistaken, and lacks information and understanding of the Afghan Taliban.

“Yes, Pakistan enjoys considerable influence on Haqqani network, which is active in some parts of eastern Afghanistan, but Pakistani strategists have not much influence on the Taliban leaders belonging to south and west of Afghanistan,” he stated.


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