Afghanistan denies asking UN not to publish rights report

The UN report reportedly accused Soviets, Islamists, US forces of atrocities.

Kabul: Afghanistan on Sunday denied that it asked the United Nations not to publish a report into rights violations in the country between 1978 and 2001.

It came after a Swiss newspaper, Le Temps, said that the UN had buried a report that accused Soviets, Islamists and US forces of "atrocities".

But Waheed Omer, spokesman for Afghan President Hamid Karzai, said: "The United Nations has not contacted the Afghan government regarding any such report."

"If the United Nations wants to publish a report from its headquarters and the (Afghan) government is able to prevent it, I think that is sort of an insult to the United Nations," he said.

The paper said the UN report "was deliberately suppressed by the United Nations for political reasons".

"The famous `mapping report`, which was finalised in December 2004 after a year of work, was supposed to be published in January 2005," the newspaper said on Saturday.