After threatening war, they now want dialogue: Qureshi

In an apparent reference to India, Pak FM Qureshi said that the same forces that were threatening to attack them post 26/11 were now issuing invitations for talks.

Updated: Feb 09, 2010, 12:39 PM IST

Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi: Even after India offered to initiate talks, Pakistan is continuing to indulge in damaging rhetoric. For the second time in a span of 48 hours, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi – in an apparent reference to the Indian offer - said the same forces that were threatening to attack Pakistan post 26/11 were now issuing invitations for peace talks.

Qureshi, speaking at a public function in Multan yesterday, said, "They were preparing for an attack on Pakistan. Today, after one year, those who were making threats about attacking Pakistan following the Mumbai incident, those same forces are sending Pakistan an invitation for talks."

“This turnaround had occurred due to national solidarity and a pledge to keep moving forward with the same spirit for development of Pakistan,” he added.
Quershi went on with his rhetoric laden speech and stressed that the Pakistan government would not in any way compromise on the country’s interests.

His latest comments come just 24-hours after he had made another claim: “India has come to us and sought talks. We never kneeled before them and did not bow to their pressure.” He also claimed that New Delhi had come under “domestic pressure” to resume dialogue.

India, at least officially, is treading cautiously with its officials making it clear that they are working on a “limited mandate” and, as of now, there was nothing on the calendar beyond the proposed foreign-secretary level talks, with terrorism being at the centre of all of it.
More importantly, Islamabad is yet to respond to New Delhi’s offer for talks on the two proposed dates, February 18 and 25.