Al Qaeda `group leader` killed in Afghanistan: NATO

The NATO force in Afghanistan said it had killed an al Qaeda cell leader.

Kabul: The NATO force in Afghanistan on Monday
said it had killed an Al-Qaeda cell leader after he was
pin-pointed by alliance aircraft while carrying out an attack
on a police post.

Abu Baqir, described as "a dual-hatted Taliban
sub-commander and Al-Qaeda group leader", was killed yesterday
when his truck was targeted in an airstrike in northern Kunduz
province, a hotbed of the insurgency.

Another militant was also killed and several others
captured while seeking treatment for their injuries in a local
hospital, NATO`s International Security Assistance Force said
in a statement.

It did not give further details about the al Qaeda

Afghanistan is in the grip of an Islamic insurgency being
waged by the remnants of the Taliban, who are said to be
supported by al Qaeda operatives who once used Afghanistan as
a safe haven and training ground.

The United States invaded Afghanistan in late 2001 to
oust the Taliban, who had sheltered al Qaeda leaders including
Osama bin Laden, the prime suspect behind the 9/11 attacks in
the United States.

The number of US and NATO troops in Afghanistan fighting
the intensifying insurgency is nearing its peak of 150,000,
under the command of US General David Petraeus.


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