American released from Pak jail after Rs 20 lakh guarantee

Aaron Mark DeHaven arrested last month for outstaying his Pakistani visa.

Peshawar: Suspected US security contractor
Aaron Mark DeHaven, arrested last month for outstaying his
Pakistani visa, was on Tuesday released from a prison in this
northwestern city after he deposited Rs 20 lakh as a

A comprehensive security blanket was put in place
around the Central Prison in Peshawar, the capital of
Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province, at the time of DeHaven`s release.
A court had yesterday granted bail to DeHaven and
issued an order that he should be released if he provided a
surety bond and was not wanted in any other case.

The court also warned DeHaven not to leave Peshawar
without informing the police.

DeHaven deposited Rs 20 lakh as a guarantee in the
account of the District and Sessions Court, officials said.
Police arrested the American last month from a
residential area in Peshawar on charges of outstaying his
Pakistani visa, which had expired in October last year.

Reports said he was running Catalyst Services, a firm
providing security and accommodation to foreigners in
northwest Pakistan.

He was the second American to be arrested in the
recent past.

Relations between Pakistan and the US were strained in
January following the arrest of suspected CIA contractor
Raymond Davis, who was charged with murder for shooting and
killing two armed men in Lahore.