`An Anna Hazare needed in Pakistan too`

An Anna Hazare is needed in Pakistan to lead the struggle against corruption, a Pak paper said.

Islamabad: An Anna Hazare is needed in Pakistan to lead the struggle against corruption if the country`s political parties continue to be averse to taking decisive measures against graft, a Pakistani paper said Monday, commending the Indian activist for his "unflinching struggle" for the common people.

"Corruption has become so ingrained in Pakistan and the political class is seen so steeped in it that unless firm, decisive measures are taken to combat graft, some Anna Hazare will be needed here too to lead the people`s struggle against the malaise," said an editorial in the Urdu daily Jang.

Commending Hazare, it said he had finally prevailed over the Indian government and parliament.

"He only called off his 12-day fast after parliament unanimously adopted a resolution calling for a strict Lokpal bill, and agreeing to the three main demands he had stuck to," the editorial said.

"India is one of the nations identified as corrupt, with both the government and private sector accused of it. There is a great deal of latent anger and resentment among the people and there are many sections which taken up the fight against corruption. But the way this social activist led a popular movement against corruption remains unparalleled," it said.

The editorial stressed there are lessons in the stir and its handling by India`s politicians for Pakistan - which is also counted among the countries where corruption flourishes.

"The Indian parliament understood the people`s sentiments and unanimously adopted the resolution. Here, in Pakistan, where there is no section of the administration untouched by corruption, there is still no consensus on the Ehtisab (Accountability) Bill," it said.

"This lack of consensus is proof of how deep corruption is entrenched in Pakistan`s political class and elite. This attitude will not be accepted by the people for much long," the Jang warned.


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