Angry Afghans chop off ears of bomb suspect

Police intervened to save the man`s life, but the furious residents had already cut off his ears.

Kandahar: Angry residents in the southern
Afghan province of Helmand on Thursday chopped off the ears of a man
accused of planting a roadside bomb that killed two civilians,
an official said.

Two teenagers were killed and six others, including three
children, were wounded earlier today when a blast tore through
their vehicle in Garmser district, Helmand provincial
spokesman Daud Ahmadi said.

"Following the incident the residents of the area arrested
the alleged mine planter and wanted to hang him in public,"
Ahmadi said.

Police and the local district governor were forced to
intervene to save the man`s life, but the furious residents
had already cut off his ears, Ahmadi said.

More than 3,000 civilians were killed in the war in
Afghanistan in 2011, according to the United Nations, with
Taliban insurgents blamed for the bulk of the deaths.

"This is a warning for those who kill our people every
day, we won`t tolerate their actions anymore," a resident of
the area, Mullah Mansoor, said.

Crude and cheaply made improvised bombs are the Taliban`s
favourite weapon in their decade-long war against Afghan and
NATO forces but they often miss their targets and hit
civilians using the same roads.

The Taliban were in power between 1996 and 2001 but were
toppled in a US-led invasion for sheltering al Qaeda leader
Osama bin Laden after the September 11 attacks on the United


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