Anti-govt website office set on fire in Sri Lanka

A journalist who runs the website suspects a government role in the attack.

Colombo: The office of a popular Sri Lankan news website, managed by a journalist who is in exile due to threats against his life, was set on fire in the wee hours on Monday by unidentified persons.

Bennett Rupasinghe said that he suspects a government role in the attack.

"About an hour ago, the LankaeNews office premises was set on fire. At about 2.00 am today, a group of unknown personnel had broken into the premises and set it on fire," the trilingual independent website posted on its main page.

"By now everything that was inside the building has been destroyed," it said.

The news was posted at 3.25 am in the morning. It was not immediately clear who was responsible for the attack.

Prageeth Ekneligoda -- a journalist and political cartoonist -- who worked with the Lankaenews website went missing an year ago.

The website, which has Sinhala, Tamil and English services, last week directed its users to a banner demanding the government to reveal the truth behind his incident to mark one year of his disappearance.

According to media rights organisations, some 17 journalists and media workers have been killed in Sri Lanka in the past decade.