Bangladesh: 125,000 freedom fighters to get higher allowance

The amount is being raised from Taka 1,500 to Taka 2,000 from July 01.

Dhaka: The Bangladesh government has announced higher allowance for 125,000 people who participated in the country`s freedom movement against Pakistan in 1971.

The amount is being raised from Taka 1,500 (USD 21.50) to Taka 2,000 from July 01, beginning of the next fiscal, State Minister for Liberation War Affairs Captain (retd) AB Tajul Islam told Parliament on Thursday.

The state minister said the number of freedom fighters across the country is 125,000, including 5,338 who were injured, The Daily Star reported.

Families of martyred freedom fighters are 2,500 and women freedom fighters number 162.

The government of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina during her previous term 1996-2001 had undertaken rehabilitation activities by providing allowances to 40,000 freedom fighters.