B`desh seeks India`s help to nab Mujib`s killers

B`desh sought the help of New Delhi to track down two convicted killers of the country`s founding leader Sheikh Mujib allegedly hiding in India.

Updated: Jan 20, 2011, 18:47 PM IST

Dhaka: Bangladesh on Thursday sought the help
of New Delhi to track down two convicted killers of the
country`s founding leader Sheikh Mujib allegedly hiding in
India, as New Delhi wanted "more information" to nab them.

"We have information that two of the convicted killers
of Bangabandhu former Captain Majed and former Risaldar
Moslehuddin were hiding somewhere in India to evade their
death penalties," Bangladesh Home secretary Abdus Sobhan
Shikdar said at a joint press briefing after a two-day meeting
with his Indian counterpart Gopal K Pillai, who is here for a
bilateral border talks.

"We have sought Indian cooperation to track them down
and return them to Bangladesh," he said in the capital.

Shikdar said India had sought "more information and
fingerprints" of the two fugitive army personnel to nab them.

Home Minister Sahara Khatun in a separate briefing
told newsmen that New Delhi agreed to extradite the two
absconding convicts after Pillai made a courtesy call on her.

India was given "red corner notice" to return them
while "they (New Delhi) has pledged to provide wholehearted
support in this regard," she underlined.

Sheikh Mujib-ur-Rahman, popularly called Bangabandhu,
who led Bangladesh to independence in 1971, was gunned down at
his home in a posh Dhanmandi area, along with his wife and
three sons in a coup on August 15, 1975. Sheikh Hasina, his
eldest daughter who is now the country`s prime minister, was
abroad at the time and escaped the massacre.

The case first came to the court in 1996, when Hasina
became the prime minister for the first time. She removed
legal barriers enacted by the post-Mujib military governments
to protect the killers.

The development came as police initiatives were
underway to bring back the remaining six fugitive killers as
most of them were traced down under Interpol vigil and
manhunts through diplomatic channels. Five of the fellow
convicts were hanged in January 2010.

"We have got the last `red notices` issued by the
Interpol to track down the six fugitives after the execution
of the five killers and by now most of them were located at
different parts of the world," a senior police official at the
police headquarters earlier told PTI.

According to police records, two of them,
ex-lieutenant colonels Khandaker Abdur Rashid was hiding in
Libya and often traveled to Pakistan and SHBM Noor Chowdhury
was in Canada.

"Of the others (ex-lieutenant colonels) Shariful Haque
Dalim is staying in Kenya, Rashed Chowdhury is in the United
States and former captain Abdul Majed and army Risaldar
Moslehuddin were staying in India," the official claimed.

Hasina has vowed to bring back the convicted killers
of her father.