Biden downplays ISI links with terror groups

Biden however admitted that some people in ISI had backed Taliban in past.

Updated: Jul 30, 2010, 10:20 AM IST

Washington: Acknowledging that some people in Pakistan`s intelligence community had supported the Taliban in the past, US Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday said the situation is now "changing".

In an interview to the NBC news channel, Biden downplayed the documents which highlighted the links between ISI and terror outfits and said that has been a problem in the past.

"That has been a problem in the past. It is a problem we`re dealing with and is changing," Biden said in response to a question.

The recently leaked classified documents on the war in Afghanistan had revealed that ISI maintains its links with al Qaeda and the Taliban, but also helped them in attacking the US forces in the country.

Biden also asserted that no amount of US aid to Pakistan is being diverted for purposes other than it are meant.

"Look, all those leaks predate our policy. Not one leak is consistent with the policy that was announced in December," he said.

"What isn`t happening is there are not monies being diverted from the public works and economic projects that are needed to sustain a democracy in Pakistan to the bad guys that exist within Pakistan," Biden said.

"There`s not money being diverted from the military purposes that are designed to deal with counterterrorism to those areas," he said in response to a question.