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Black Friday: 3 blasts in Pak kill at least 26

Three blasts in various areas of Pakistan on Friday claimed at least 26 lives.

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Khar: Eighteen people were killed when a bus headed to a wedding was blown up in a landmine explosion in Pakistan`s Mohmand Agency.

According to Geo News, the marriage party bus was struck with anti tank mine planted by militants in Lakro area.

Eighteen people, including women and children, were killed while six people were injured.

Mohmand, like other parts of Pakistan`s tribal belt, has been a magnet for Taliban militants.

At Air force complex

A suicide bomber struck a checkpoint near a major air force complex in northwest Pakistan on Friday, killing eight people as the Army wages an anti-Taliban offensive along the Afghan border.

The Pakistan Aeronautical Complex at Kamra in Attock area is the country`s major air force maintenance and research hub.

Some foreign military experts have mentioned it as a possible place to keep planes that can carry nuclear warheads, but the Army, which does not reveal where its nuclear-related facilities are, strongly denies that the facility is tied to the program in any way.

A lone suicide bomber on a bicycle blew himself at a checkpoint on a road leading to the complex, around 30 miles (50 km) from the capital, Islamabad. Police officer Akbar Abbas blamed the Taliban for the attack.

The seven dead included two security troops, while 13 people were wounded.

The complex at Kamra or its workers have been targeted at least once before. In December 2007, a suicide car bomber struck near a bus carrying children of Pakistan Air Force employees, wounding five of them.

In Peshawar

A blast was occurred on Friday in Pakistan`s main northwestern city of Peshawar, the capital of the North-West Frontier Province (NWFP).

Police say a bomb blast has ripped through the parking lot of Swan restaurant in Hayatabad, which is a modern suburb on the south-western fringe of Peshawar.

Witnesses said the blast occurred soon after a man parked a car outside the restaurant in Hayatabad area on the outskirts of Peshawar. The man, who had long hair, fled immediately after parking the car.

According to government official, 15 people have been wounded. Two are in critical condition, he told a news channel.

The nature of the blats is still not known, police said.

Reports are there that police have arrested one suspect as well.

Meanwhile, emergency has been declared in all Peshawar hospitals.

They said the restaurant targeted in the attack belonged to the son of a senior leader of the Awami National Party, which is in power in NWFP and is part of the ruling coalition at the centre.

The walls and windows of the restaurant were blown up by the blast. Police fired in the air after the explosion to disperse people and launched a search for the attacker.

The restaurant, which has a swimming pool and other facilities for social gatherings, also serves as a recreational center for people in the troubled city.

Peshawar, which lies on the edge of Pakistan`s lawless tribal badlands, has seen six militant attacks in the last four months.

The blasts were the latest in a wave of militant strikes in Pakistan, attacks that have targeted mostly security institutions and killed more than 170 people in the past three weeks.

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