Bomb attack in southern Afghanistan kills 3 policemen

A roadside bomb targeting the car of a district police chief killed three police officers today in southern Afghanistan.

Kabul: A roadside bomb targeting the car
of a district police chief killed three police officers today
in southern Afghanistan, where militants have stepped up
attacks on government workers in response to increased
pressure from international troops.

Provincial government spokesman Mohammad Jan Rasoolyar
said the police chief was not in the vehicle when it was hit
by the blast, in the Shinkai district of Zabul province.
Also today, militants shot and killed a government
official in charge of the water supply, in Dand district of
Kandahar province as he was walking near his home, district
chief Ahmadullah Nazak said.

Afghan and coalition forces are in the third phase of
an operation in and around the city of Kandahar, the birth
place of the Taliban. Afghan Defense Ministry spokesman Gen.
Mohammad Zahir Azimi said the operation, designed to
destabilize Taliban strongholds and increase security, paving
the way for improved governance and long-term development, was
nearly over.

A NATO service member also died today, following a
bomb attack in southern Afghanistan, the coalition said. NATO
did not provide details of the death or the service member`s
nationality. So far this month, 59 international service
members have been killed in Afghanistan, according to a count
by The Associated Press.

Yesterday night, the coalition detained more than 10
suspected insurgents during an operation in Spin Boldak
district of Kandahar province, in search of the suspected
Taliban shadow governor for the area.

As a joint Afghan and coalition force entered a
compound, militants, some armed and wearing masks, attempted
to escape in a vehicle, NATO said. Coalition forces seized
some 500 pounds of marijuana, bomb-making materials, automatic
weapons, grenades, rocket-propelled grenade boosters and

In eastern Afghanistan, a NATO air strike killed one
insurgent believed to be a senior leader of the Haqqani
network, a faction of the Taliban with ties to al-Qaida. NATO
said coalition forces tracked the militant to a remote area of
Nadir Shah Kot district of Khost province.

In neighbouring Mando Zayi district of Khost, one
civilian was killed and two others were wounded in fighting
today morning, according to Gen. Raz Mohammad Oryakhail, an
Afghan National Army commander in the province.