Bomb hits ex-Taliban Afghan government official
Last Updated: Sunday, October 30, 2011, 16:18
Kandahar: An Afghan provincial government official and former Taliban shadow governor from southern Kandahar was hit in a roadside bombing on Sunday, escaping with minor injuries, officials said.

Noor-ul-Aziz, director of religious affairs at Kandahar provincial government since he reconciled with the government, was travelling through the city when his car struck a bomb.

"Noor-ul-Aziz Agha... has been wounded in a roadside bomb explosion," said the statement from the provincial government office. "He was evacuated to Mirwais Hospital with minor injuries."

There were no other injuries and Noor-ul-Aziz would be released from hospital care after brief treatment, it said, condemning the attack on its official.

Noor-ul Aziz, is the highest ranking Taliban official to have reconciled with the government in an officially backed scheme.

Originally from Kandahar, he was operating as a Taliban commander in neighbouring Helmand province, mostly in the Nad Ali district, where he was a mid-level insurgent commander.

He was later appointed as the Taliban shadow governor for the northeastern province of Kunduz.

But several months ago he joined President Hamid Karzai's reconciliation scheme to bring Taliban insurgents over to the government, and was appointed the head of the religious affairs for Kandahar province.


First Published: Sunday, October 30, 2011, 16:18

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