Bomb kills Afghan police officer, 2 civilians

Taliban have launched a series of high-profile attacks against government.

Kandahar: A roadside bomb attack in southern Afghanistan on Sunday killed a police officer and two civilians, an official said.

A police truck was driving down a main road in the Panjwai district of Kandahar province when it was hit by the bomb, said Shah Baran, the district government chief.

A car carrying civilians was driving nearby and was caught up in the blast. In addition to the deaths, one police officer and three civilians were injured, Baran said.

Panjwai is on the edge of Kandahar city, the main city in the south and the focus of a major military push starting this summer to drive the Taliban out of their southern strongholds. NATO has widely publicised the offensive as a combination of military strikes and government-boosting programs it hopes will win over the population.

The Taliban, meanwhile, have launched a series of high-profile attacks as part of their own summer offensive against the Afghan government and international forces. The area in and around Kandahar city has become particularly violent in recent months, with regular bomb attacks and assassinations of people seen as allied with the government.

No one immediately claimed responsibility for Sunday`s attack, which came a day after a bomb exploded outside the provincial governor`s office in Kandahar city. That bomb killed one police officer and wounded at least 14 civilians.

Bureau Report