Classified data stolen from Pak PM`s Secretariat

A substantial amount of official data of Pak PM`s Secretariat, including some classified docs, was stolen by persons employed on short-term contracts.

Islamabad: A substantial amount of
official data of the Pakistan Prime Minister`s Secretariat,
including some classified documents, has been stolen by
persons employed on short-term contracts who accessed a secure
computer system.

The kind of classified information that was stolen
was not immediately clear though the Dawn newspaper quoted a
source as saying that the head of a multi-million rupee
project to computerise and safeguard government data had "run
away with classified data".

A complaint about the stolen data has been lodged
with the executive director of the Electronic Government
Directorate by the manager of the information system at the
Prime Minister’s Secretariat, the source said.

In the complaint, information system manager Farhan
Karim Jaskani said: "Mr TR transferred the classified data
from PM`s secretariat database without prior permission of the
joint secretary (admin)?which was later proved in the office
of the joint secretary?while the said official (TR) admitted

A senior security official described the incident as a
serious breach of security.

"The data was stolen from the database server of the
PM’s secretariat, clearly exposing the weak information
security protocols in place," he told the newspaper.

The official said that a strict security protocol
for protecting information and the system from unauthorised
access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification or
destruction was not followed in this case.

Data such as approvals by Prime Minister Yousuf Raza
Gilani and his staff and other classified information are
stored on the server.

The Prime Minister`s Secretariat`s officials use the
database and email servers extensively but the email server
failed to detect the alleged cyber thief, an official said.


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