`Clique of self-seekers have sold Pakistan to US`

Pakistan’s nuclear scientist Dr AQ Khan has slammed the incompetent, corrupt and servile government.

Islamabad: Pakistan’s nuclear scientist Dr AQ Khan has slammed the “incompetent, corrupt and servile” government on the occasion of the country’s 64th Independence Day, and called for a revolution to get rid of “a clique of traitors and self-seekers” who have “sold us to US and made us slaves once again”.

“Some parties have again declared to celebrate 14th August as Independence Day with great fervour and enthusiasm and are spending crores of rupees for publicity… The way our incompetent, corrupt and servile government and its allies have made their mark, they deserve not only to celebrate the day in a big way, they are free to celebrate the poverty, and miserable state of the people,” The News quoted Khan, as saying in a statement on the eve of the Independence Day.

He said that courtesy whistle-blower website WikiLeaks, everybody knew that President Asif Ali Zardari had been telling the United States that if he had the power, he would hand over Dr AQ Khan to them.

“Fie on the leader of the party of ZA Bhutto who had selected me for making nuclear bomb for Pakistan and who faced the threats of Henry Kissinger and finally went to the gallows with his head high. Today the co-chairman of ZA Bhutto’s party finds himself helpless, otherwise he would have gladly handed me over to Americans. The silence of other parties too is shameful,” said the scientist.

He asked his countrymen to speak on their honour whether they were, in fact, independent, adding that he had seen the birth of Pakistan, and that now he bred over the present situation of the country.

“Ask me what independence means? We have seen Pakistan being made. Cold blooded massacre of millions, rape of countless women, blood-splattered trains carrying terror-stricken Muslims to Pakistan. All this we have seen with our own eyes. I brood over the situation we are in,” Khan said.

“A clique of traitors and self-seekers have sold us to US and made us slaves once again. The only way to come out of this morass is a revolution. It is heartening to note that in response to my call, some youth led by Ali Masud from Bahawalpur have laid the foundation of ‘Pakistan People’s Revolution’. This is a message as well as a party,” he stated.

Khan urged the people of Pakistan to come forward and lend them a hand, saying that he would himself “patronise and fully support the movement”.

“We need revival of the same spirit which brought Pakistan into existence. I appeal you to come forward and join the movement with men and material,” he added.


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