Davis may have been monitoring LeT activities

Raymond Davis is locked in a Lahore jail after shooting dead 2 Pakistanis.

Washington: Raymond Davis may have headed a covert CIA team that was tasked to secretly gather intelligence on the Pakistan-based terror group Lashkar-e-Toiba, which the Americans feel is getting out of the shadows of Pakistan Army to launch a campaign of jihad against US and Europe.

By covertly monitoring LeT, Davis might have stepped on the wrong side of the Pakistan Army`s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) that has nurtured the Lashkar for years as a proxy force to attack targets and enemies in India, the New York Times reported.

The report said that since the ISI has backed the LeT, the Pakistani spy agency doesn`t look kindly on the Americans trying to bust it.

The extraordinary swirl of recriminations that followed the Davis shooting episode confirmed for many Pakistan`s suspicions that America has deployed a secret army of spies and contractors inside Pakistan.

"It has also called unwelcome attention to a bigger, more dangerous game in which Davis appears to have played just a supporting role," the paper quoted American officials, who did not elaborate.

"American officials are convinced that Lashkar is no longer satisfied being the shadowy foot soldiers in Pakistan`s simmering border conflict with India. Its goals have broadened, these officials say, and Lashkar is committed to a campaign of jihad against the United States and Europe, and against American troops in Afghanistan," the NYT said.

The Pakistan Army`s sensitivity to LeT, the paper said, could be evident when during a visit to Islamabad last July, Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, declared Lashkar a "global threat”, a statement that no doubt rankled his Pakistani hosts.

And so a group that Pakistan has seen for years as an essential component of its own national security, and that American counter-terrorism officials could once dismiss as a regional problem, has emerged as a threat that Washington feels it can no longer ignore.

Given such a fundamental collision of interests, it was perhaps inevitable that Lashkar would one day provoke tensions between Pakistani and American security officials, and the collision itself would come into full public view.

Rather than being a cause of the problem, Davis was merely an all-too-visible symptom.

Lashkar operatives now operate inside Afghanistan, and have teamed with other militant groups to attack American troops, according to American intelligence officials.

In February 2010, 18 people, including a number of Indian doctors and other foreigners, were killed in a LeT attack on their guesthouses.

LeT has also bolstered fund-raising networks throughout Europe, especially in Germany and Britain, and European, reported NYT, which also said that counter-terrorism officials believe that the group is considering a 26/11-styled attack in a Western capital.


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