Days of iron fist rule long gone, says Nasheed

Ex Maldives Prez Mohamed Nasheed has said one cannot seize the govt simply by arresting or assassinating the leader.

Male: Former Maldives president Mohamed Nasheed has said the days of iron fist rule in the country had long gone and today one cannot seize control of a government simply by arresting or assassinating the leader.

He said the notion of taking over the state`s arsenal to take control of a government was a "long lost tradition" and that his government was toppled by the security forces in a "coup".

Mohammed Waheed, then vice president, succeeded Nasheed after he resigned Feb 7.

"You cannot control the people with tazers, pepper spray or batons today, that day had long gone," the Haveeru daily Monday quoted Nasheed as saying.

"Most people love their independence and detest oppression and brutality."

He said a ruler does not own the government and it can only be achieved by arresting the people or when there are no people left.

He said the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), which he founded, would restore its rule, not by force but by the votes of the people.

The power attained by apprehending the people and torturing them will bring no good to the people and "the days of iron fist rule in the Maldives had long gone", he added.


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