Diplomats free to move in Pakistan: US

It was earlier reported that Pakistan was keeping American diplomats under strict surveillance.

Washington: The State Department has said US diplomats in Pakistan are free to move around while performing their diplomatic duties.

“Pakistan has informed the US about some restricts in this regard that would be followed,” the News quoted State Department spokesman Mark Toner, as saying.

It was earlier reported that Pakistan was keeping American and other Western diplomats under strict surveillance to prevent them from going to unauthorised places.

The checks on the diplomats’ movements have reportedly been enhanced following the release of Raymond Davis, a CIA contractor who killed two citizens in Lahore in January, an episode that fuelled anti-Americanism in the country.

The security agencies have also written a letter to the Foreign Office requiring it to inform them about the places a US diplomat(s) had been allowed to go to perform his/her official duties.

The diplomats would not be allowed to go beyond the mandated venues.

According to sources, diplomats from all western countries are also being tracked regularly.

Pakistan is seen as a key ally of the US in its fight against militancy, but relations have soured since US carried out a secret military operation to kill al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden in Pakistan’s Abbottabad city in May.


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