Discernable ‘mistrust’ in CIA-ISI ties: US

The Obama admin has accused ISI of not sharing important information.

Islamabad: While accusing the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) of not sharing important information, the Obama administration has highlighted that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Pakistan’s all-powerful intelligence agency have massive mistrust amidst them.

According to a report of the Senate’s standing committee on defence about a visit by its members to the US last month, US officials told the Pakistani delegations that there exists distrust between the CIA and the ISI.

“John Tierney, chairman of the House Armed Services Committee of the US Congress told a Pakistani delegation that there is mistrust between the CIA and ISI,” a report on the delegation’s US visit said.

The 17-page report drafted by Iftikharullah Babar, secretary of the Senate committee under the supervision of Senator Javed Ashraf Qazi noted that during a luncheon meeting, Tierney told the delegation that there is mistrust between the CIA and ISI.

Taking note of the statement, Qazi, who headed the delegation, negated the remarks and said that the CIA should clarify its stand over its relationship with the ISI.

“If the mistrust message is conveyed back home it would be taken seriously. CIA should clarify to the Congress if their relationship with ISI is good,” Qazi said.

Separately, President Obama’s Special Envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Holbrooke, during his meeting with the Pakistani delegation, also accused the ISI of not sharing details regarding whereabouts of certain top Afghan leaders despite having the knowledge.

Holbrooke said the ISI is aware about the Afghan Taliban chief Mullah Omar’s whereabouts, but it has shared no information with the US.

“People in the US think that Pakistan authorities know where Mullah Omar is. If nobody in the ISI can do anything without the knowledge of DG ISI, he is not telling,” Holbrooke said during the meeting.

The report also said that Holbrooke apprised the members of the committee about India’s concerns regarding setting free Jamat-ud-Daawa chief Hafiz Saeed, The Dawn reports.