Doctors under pressure not to treat grease devils

The mob attacked ambulance of the Akkaraipattu hospital claiming that it was carrying a grease devil.

Colombo: Doctors in Sri Lanka are under intense pressure from the public not to treat "grease devils", sex maniacs, who allegedly indulge in sexually assaulting women in rural areas.

"We have been told of several incidents where public had stormed hospitals to warn that grease devils should not be provided medical treatment," Upul Gunasekera of the Government Medical Officers` Association (GMOA) said.

He said, that they have asked the defence establishment to guarantee the personal safety of their members. Grease devils apply grease on their bodies, while clad only in underwear. This would allow them to escape to safety
if caught in the act.

Several such cases during the recent weeks have caused panic in most of the island`s outer regions. At least three deaths have been reported, while scores of
individuals, strangers in localities had got assaulted by suspecting residents due to them being mistaken for grease devils.

The police led a crackdown of the suspected devils and have arrested over 100 people.

"A mob attacked the ambulance of the Akkaraipattu hospital (in the eastern province) claiming that it was carrying a grease devil," Gunasekera said.

"We want the government to provide us protection."


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