Don’t treat Afridi like criminal: US to Pakistan

The US has asked Pakistan to immediately release a doctor, who helped the CIA to trace Osama bin Laden.

Washington: The US on Wednesday asked Pakistan to immediately release a doctor, who helped the CIA to trace Osama bin Laden, and stop treating him like a "criminal".

"They should release Dr (Shakil) Afridi," US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told the Charlie Rose Show.

"This is something that is so unnecessary and gratuitous on their part."

"....My argument to them is that this man contributed to ending the al Qaeda leadership that was in their country, and they shouldn`t treat him like a criminal," Hillary said in a joint interview with the former Secretary of State James Baker.

Both Hillary and Baker spoke in one voice that Pakistan need to stop double dealing with the US.

Responding to questions, Hillary said that so far the US has not been able to prove that someone in the top in Pakistan knew about the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden.

"We have never been able to prove that anyone at the upper levels knew that.”

"When I first went to Pakistan as Secretary in 2009 that I found it impossible to believe that somebody in their government didn`t know where he was - I still believe that - and that he took up residence and built this huge compound in a military garrison town," Hillary said.

"But to be fair, we have no evidence."

"I have no reason to believe that the civilian government knew anything. So who was in what level of responsibility in the military or the ISI, whether they were active or retired, because we do know that there are links to retired members, we`ve never been able to close that loop," Hillary said.


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