Expo Pakistan postponed due to poor law and order in Karachi

Expo Pakistan is a major trade exhibition organised by the government.

Islamabad: Expo Pakistan, a major trade exhibition organised by the government, has been postponed because of the deteriorating law and order situation in the port city of Karachi that has made it difficult for foreign delegates to attend the show.

The financial crunch being faced by Pakistan is another reason for the postponement of the event that was scheduled to be held in February.

The Commerce Ministry has indicated that organising the conference will require substantial funds, which might not be available due to financial constraints, The Express Tribune newspaper reported today.

Exporters were of the opinion that even if the exhibition is held, it might not yield the desired results because factories are shutting down due to energy shortages amid high interest rates and an uncertain security situation.

The exhibition, organised by the Trade Development Authority, was scheduled to be held during February 25-28. The report quoted sources as saying that buyer delegations from the US and Europe could not be convinced to attend the fair.

An official announcement regarding the postponement of the event is expected to be made on January 24.