Facing extremism, Pak not a normal country: IMF

Facing growing challenge of terrorism and experiencing a wave of violence by extremist organisations, Pak isn`t a "normal country."

Updated: Jun 29, 2010, 10:22 AM IST

Washington: Facing growing challenge of
terrorism and experiencing a wave of violence by extremist
organisations, Pakistan is not a "normal country," a top
official of the International Monetary Fund has said.

Expressing concern over the current situation in
Pakistan, IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn, told a
group of reporters that he does not considers Pakistan as a
"normal country or an easy country" under the present

"Pakistan is in a special situation because of the war
and the military action. So I would say it is not a normal
country or an easy country," he said.

At the same time he appreciated the steps being taken by
the present government to address the current financial

"I think, good step forward has been taken by the
government. We still have questions about implementing the
VAT. We still have questions about energy crisis. We still
have lot of discussion with the government.

But, I must say that a lot already has been delivered by
the government," the top IMF official said in response to a

"So, I have no immediate concern, about Pakistan.

The question is how much the so-called Friend of
Pakistan, set of countries, are willing to help Pakistan,
really deliver and provide the resources, because all the
resources needed are not supposed to come from the IMF.

I think this process takes time, but probably is normal.
So there is a lot concern, but no real problem," he said.

As Pakistan is battling with financial crisis, the IMF,
of late, has approved USD 1.13 billion dollars of the package
in May and allowed two waivers on conditions, including giving
the government the right to overrun the budget deficit.

Under the bailout package, Pakistan agreed to impose VAT.
At a Pakistan`s donor conference in Tokyo in April last
year, countries had pledged USD 5.28 billion dollars to help
stabilise Pakistan.

Last year, the US Congress had approved a plan to give
USD 7.5 billion to Pakistan over a period of five years.