Foreign secret agents freely roaming in Pak: Musharraf

Former Pakistan president said he never bowed down before foreign pressure.

Updated: Mar 25, 2011, 11:54 AM IST

Islamabad: Former Pakistan president and All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) chief Pervez Musharraf has said that foreign secret agents are freely roaming in the country.

Addressing the Pakistani community in Manchester, Musharraf said that foreign secret agents were not allowed to function in the country during his rule, The News reports.

Being president of Pakistan, the APML chief said, he never compromised on national integrity and sovereignty of the country.

During his tenure, he kept ahead national interests for any sort of decision-making and never bowed down before foreign pressure, he added.

Musharraf also said that nine drone strikes were conducted during his regime that caused a few causalities, but during the last three years, approximately 150 drone attacks have been conducted annually, causing hundreds of causalities.

The former military ruler further said that during his regime, the prices of the commodities were stable, but today everything had gone beyond the reach of the common man due to mounting inflation in the country.

He added that foreign investors felt proud while investing in Pakistan during his regime.

Musharraf, who is presently living in exile in London, plans to return to Pakistan to “introduce a new political culture”, though he recognises that on his return, he would have to face some legal cases and also that there would be danger to his life.

He also feels that he has a good chance of winning the next Presidential Election due in 2013.

“Two hundred per cent I will participate in the next election. Standing for myself. Standing for a party that I`ll create…. I have fought wars, I have faced dangers and I`m a lucky man. I`ll try my luck again and I`m not scared of that,” Musharraf had said last year.