Four injured in bomb attacks on Pak police facilities

Three low-intensity bombs went off at police facilities in central Pakistani, injuring at least four persons.

Islamabad: Three low-intensity bombs went off
at police facilities in the central Pakistani city of
Gujranwala today, injuring at least four persons, officials

The first two bombs targeted the offices of the Central
Investigation Agency and Regional Police Officer shortly
before 7 am local time. The blasts damaged outer walls and
created craters.

The third blast occurred on the roof of a police rest
house at about 10 am, the officials said. The explosion
created a hole in the roof and blew out the windows of nearby

Four persons sustained injuries when they were hit by
glass splinters and shrapnel, the officials said.

Several police vehicles were also damaged.

Police also found two more bombs that were defused.

Officials said all the bombs contained between three and 10
kilograms of explosives.

No group claimed responsibility for the blasts.

Senior police official Ghulam Muhammad Dogar told the
media that the blasts were carried out with timed devices that
were apparently planted last night.

He said the blasts were aimed at terrorising police

Dogar said police were questioning some people who live
near the three offices that were targeted.

He said there were open spaces and a graveyard near the
offices through which the attackers could have approached the
sites that were bombed.

The explosions caused panic in Gujranwala, 60 km
northeast of Lahore, and educational institutions and markets
across the city closed down soon after the attacks.

Local residents said the explosives were planted near the
police buildings, raising questions about security lapses and
the ability of the attackers to penetrate a high-security