‘France against supplying nuke technology to Pak’

As per WikiLeaks, France was not sure about Pakistan`s nuclear deterrent.

Islamabad: France, not sure about
Pakistan`s nuclear deterrent, has decided against supplying
nuclear energy technology to it, according to a secret US
diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks.

According to a cable dated September 3, 2009 disclosed
by whistle-blower website and published in Dawn newspaper,
French President Nicolas Sarkozy`s Diplomatic Adviser
Jean-David Levitte had told US diplomats that the French
government was "not sure that the Pakistani nuclear deterrent
is secure," especially "with the frequent movement of nuclear
weapons by the Pakistani military."

Taliban has stepped-up a violent campaign in Pakistan
to avenge Osama bin Laden`s killing and has renewed fears that
the country`s nuclear warheads could be vulnerable.

French Defence Minister Gerard Longuet had on May 27,
in New Delhi expressed his concerns regarding Pakistan, saying
"this part of the world needs some clarification and stability
as well. India is an old strategic partner... Regarding
Pakistan we are waiting for clarifications,".

Longuet, however, had evaded a direct reply on whether
France would stop sale of heavy weaponry to Pakistan in the
wake of Osama Bin Laden being found in Abbottabad.


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